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Easy Crossword Puzzles
Printable, Fun and Free!

CocaCola Sign from our "Sales Pitch" easy crossword puzzle printable for you! Complete these popular advertising slogans in this fun #easycrossword.

Do you like to solve easy crossword puzzles printable and fun? If so, I'm glad you're here. This puzzle is about advertising slogans, and there are a lot more crosswords, too! Just use the links at the bottom or on the left to find more. 

Sales Pitch

We all know a good sales pitch when we hear one, right? This  printable crossword features 15 well-known advertising slogans, both old and new.

Please note that many of the answers contain two words.   The puzzle grid does not contain any blank spaces, hyphens or apostrophes. 

Printable puzzle and answers

"Sales Pitch" - Easy crossword puzzle printable for you at #wordgameworld. Finish these popular advertising slogans to complete this fun, #easycrossword.


1.    Pop, pop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is!

4.    It's the real thing 

6.    You're in good hands with __  __.

9.    Just Do It.

10.  The quicker picker-upper

11.  It's finger lickin' good.

12.  Let's build something together.

13.  The ultimate driving machine

14.  Eat Mor Chikin'!  [The misspellings are part of the slogan.]


2.    Eat Fresh.

3.    M'm! M'm! Good!

5.    Don't leave home without it.

7.    Like a good neighbor, __ __ is there.

8.    Breakfast of Champions

10.  Have it your way 

Digging Deeper 

Which of these slogans have been used by Coca Cola?

  • Delicious and Refreshing
  • Pure as Sunlight
  • Thirst Asks Nothing More
  • Bold and Bubbly
  • Along the Highway to Anywhere
  • Things Go Better with Coke
  • Red, White and You

Scroll down for the answers. 

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All but the fourth one were actual slogans.
  • Delicious and Refreshing (1904)
  • Pure as Sunlight (1927)
  • Thirst Asks Nothing More (1939)
  • Along the Highway to Anywhere (1949)
  • Things Go Better With Coke (1963)
  • Red, White and You (1986)

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