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Crosswords Easy Enough to Solve in Minutes!

black and white opposite profiles

What are the best things about crosswords easy and printable? They're quick, fun and great to do with your family! Our puzzles are printable which makes them very convenient for packing in your purse or briefcase. Be sure to try several while you're here.  


If you hate crosswords that are hard, you'll love this one because it's easy! To solve this one, you'll need to know lots of pairs of opposites. Will you solve this one quickly or slowly?

Don't miss the "Digging Deeper" challenge below. 

Printable puzzle and answers

Crosswords Easy to Solve in Minutes, from www.spelling-words-well.com. This one is about Opposites!


1.    Arrive

3.    Inside

6.    Question

8.    Dry

10.  East

11.  Soft

12.  Success

16.  Innocent

18.  Bottom

20.  First

21.  Entrance

22.  Beginning

24.  Forward

26.  Hill

28.  Proud

30.  Borrow

31.  Thin

32.  Remember


2.    Odd

4.    North

5.    False

6.    Asleep

7.    Bitter

8.    Better

9.    Crooked

13.  Big

14.  Defeat

15.  Cellar

17.  Fast

19.  Strong

23.  Always

25.  Mean

27.  Full

29.  Less

30.  Find

Digging Deeper: How many opposites can you list for BIG?

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Possible answers include: small, little, tiny, wee, miniature, minuscule, slight, petite, and others.

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