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A Crossword Easy for You

children cheering

You'll find this crossword easy, fun, free and quick! It's great for kids and families to solve together. Print the page, grab a pencil and get started.

Three Cheers!

Three cheers for this crossword easy enough to solve quickly on your own or with a friend. You simply need to supply the third object in each familiar set. Find the third person, the third object, or the third word in each well-known phrase.

The number of blanks in the clue indicate the number of words in each answer. 

Don't miss the "Digging Deeper" challenge below. 

Three cheers easy crossword grid

Printable puzzle and answers


1.    Hook, line and ___

2.    Earth, Wind and ___

4.    Hip, hip, ____

5.    Bacon, lettuce, _____

7.    Red, white and ______

8.    Do, re, ___

9.    On your mark, get set, ___ !

11.  Rock, paper, _____

12.  Tic-tac-___


1.    Hear no evil, speak no evil, __ __ __

2.    Past, present and ___

3.    Snap, crackle, ___

4.    The Father, Son and __ __

6.    Up, up and _____

10.  Larry, Curly and ___

Digging Deeper: A triangle names a shape that has three angles and three sides. What other words name sets of three?

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chocolate desserts

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Answers include: triplet, trio, trilogy, triumvirate, triune and others.

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