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Elementary Spelling Games

The right elementary spelling games can make spelling practice a lot of fun! In this game, players must decide if a word is spelled correctly. If they make they right choice, they'll cover a space on the game board. Whoever covers the most spaces wins the round.

Cover Up

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Skill: Decide if words are spelled correctly or incorrectly.

Grade level: 4-6

Players: 3

Objective: Cover up the most squares

Supplies: PDF game boards**, pair of standard dice, markers of two different colors

To play:

1. Print out one of our PDF game boards.

2. Players 1 and 2 choose a color. Player 3 is the checker.

3. Player 1 rolls the dice and uses the numbers to locate a square on the grid. For example, if she rolls 3 and 5, she may count over 3 spaces and down 5 spaces, or over 5 and down 3. She looks at the word and decides if it is spelled correctly. She tells the checker. If it is incorrect, she must also spell it correctly. If her answer is correct, she puts a marker of her color on that space.

4. Player 2 rolls the dice and finds a new square and proceeds as described above.

5. If a player rolls a combination on the dice that is not open on the board, his turn is over.

6. The game ends when all the squares are covered. The winner is the player with the most markers on the board.

** Game board A features plurals. Game board B uses word endings.

Please note that it is simple to make more game boards. Make several more throughout the year featuring troublesome words to give your learners lots of fun spelling practice.

Sample Gameboard

Here is one of the gameboards. Note that several words are intentional misspelled. The pdf also includes a second game board that features word endings.

Elementary Spelling Games : Cover Up!
Game board in which several words are intentionally misspelled

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