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Spelling Word Games

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Try these simple ideas for spelling word games with your students. Each of these games can be played with your entire class and require no paper and pencil. The games are great for reviewing any spelling words.

Spelling Relay

Divide your class into two teams. Each team forms a single line. The teacher calls out a spelling word. The first player from each team comes to the board and writes the first letter of the word. He races back to the line and hands the chalk/marker to the next player. The next player adds the second letter, the third player adds the third letter, and so on. The first team to finish the word correctly earns one point.

Note: If a player makes a mistake, instead of adding a new letter, the next teammate may correct the mistake. Players will soon see that this slows down the completion of the word, so they'll want to try hard to get the right letters the first time.

Buzz-Buzz Spelling Word Game


Try some new twists on the old-fashioned spelling bee!

Divide the class into two teams. Call out the first word to Team 1. The first player orally gives the first letter, the second player states the second letter, etc. When the last letter has been given, the next player says, “Buzz-Buzz, we're right,” or “Oh no, we're wrong!”

  • If the word was spelled correctly, and the final player correctly stated it was correct, then whoever started that word sits down.
  • If the last player gave the wrong assessment of the team's spelling, then he sits down.
  • If the word was spelled incorrectly, the person who gave the wrong letter sits down.

Play until there are only two players left on each team. Then have everyone rejoin their teams and play again, as time allows.

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