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Free Crossword Games

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Free crossword games provide great word play fun, as well as great language practice. For instance, this Proverbial Crossword features well-known sayings and witticism.

It's ideal for students and adults of all ages, including ESL.

Proverbial Crossword

One proverb says, “Some are wise, and some are otherwise.” Which are you? Here’s a free crossword game that will tell you! 

Simply supply the last word in each well-known proverb.

Printable Crossword & Answers

Crossword Puzzle Free - Grimacing Gardener



1.       Better late than ____.

3.       Practice makes ____.

5.       A miss is as good as a ____.

7.       One tree doesn't make a ____.

8.       He who laughs last laughs ____.

11.     If you can't beat them, join ____.

13.     Two heads are better than ____.

14.     Two wrongs don't make a ____.

15.     All that glitters is not ____.

16.     Better safe than ____.

17.     Too many cooks spoil the ____.

19.     Still waters run ____.

21.     Let sleeping dogs ___.

22.     All things come to him who ____.

25.     Necessity is the mother of ____.

26.     A penny saved is a penny ____.

sleeping dog


1.       Half a loaf is better than ____.

2.       Where there's smoke there's ____.

4.       Absence makes the heart grow ____.

6.       Birds of a feather flock ___.

8.       A bird in the hand is worth two in the ____.

9.       The pen is mightier than the ____.

10.     Actions speak louder than ____.

12.     Don't count your chickens before they're ____.

15.     Nothing ventured, nothing ____.

17.     A watched pot never ____.

18.     Look before you ____.

20.     Every cloud has a silver ____.

23.     Haste makes ____.

24.     A stitch in time saves ____.

More Free Crossword Games

While you're here, why not try some of these free crossword games? Use the links at the bottom of the page to find lots more, arranged by difficulty.

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New! Corny Jokes Crossword - In this printable crossword puzzle, every clue is very corny joke or riddle!

Road Signs - Follow the signs for a fun, easy crossword puzzle. Simply supply the message shown on the sign. Quick and simple for kids and adults alike!

Animal Idioms - If you're wise as an owl, you'll have no trouble solving this puzzle long before the cows come home!

Opposites - If you hate crosswords that are hard, you'll love this one because it's easy! To solve this one, you'll need to know lots of pairs of  opposites. Will you solve this one quickly or slowly?

Ice cream cone from our "What's the Scoop?" crossword puzzle

What's the Scoop? A cool, yummy puzzle, all about ice cream! Just unscramble the names of the most popular ice cream flavors and place them in the puzzle. 

Disney Crossword Puzzles One of our most popular kids' printable crossword puzzles! Supply the names of some major characters from several Walt Disney stories and movies.

colorful balloons

Color Crossword for Kids Try to unscramble color words in this puzzle. This is a super-simple crossword for young learners.

Insects! Don't let this subject bug you -- it's really not that difficult! Check your knowledge of several common flying and creeping critters as you solve this easy crossword puzzle. Keep your fly swatter handy!

You'll also find many interesting, simple crosswords on our page of Kids' Crosswords. But beware, a few of them aren't so easy!

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