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A Prickly Word Search Puzzle


Our free online word search games often have a twist. When you've solved this thorny puzzle, be sure to come back for more!

Roses are one of the most popular flowers of all. But they usually come with thorns. With that in mind, here’s a prickly puzzler.

Although there are 40 words listed below, only 20 of them are actually in the puzzle. Can you figure out which ones?

Printable version and answers

Prickly Word Search Puzzle

Word List

arrange, beautiful, bouquet, clippers, cultivate, deliver, dozen, fertilizer, florist, flower, fragrance, garden, gift, greenhouse, grow, leaf, love, pink, plant, prickly, prune, rain, red, romance, rose, scent, shrub, soil, stem, sun, supplier, surprise, thorn, vase, water, weather, wedding, weed, white, yellow

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