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Jumble Word Game :

picnic letters with a hot dog and hamburger

Solve this jumble word game at your next summertime gathering with friends and family, or anytime on your own!

In this unique free word scramble, you'll need to solve each picnic-related word and write it correctly in the grid. When you've finished, the letters reading down the highlighted column will spell two items that you just might need on your picnic!

Printable Puzzle and Answers

grid for unscrambled picnic words








 8.  MESGA

 9.  NSAT





 14.  ROCLOE

 15.  RICASH


 17.  SCIPH 

If you're having trouble completing this puzzle, be sure to entire the words that you have already unscrambled into the diagram.

You may be able to figure out the words that go down the shaded boxes in the center of the grid. If so, those letters will be clues to help you unscramble your remaining jumbled words. 

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