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Kids Memory Games

Our kids memory games are a great way to build recall skills in your child or students. Our games are easy-to-use and fun to play. Try the ones here, then use our ideas to create more fun memory games of your own!

The Big Picture

The Big Picture, Kids' Memory Game Board

Try one or both of these variations of fun kids memory games. One child can play these with adult supervision, or groups of students can play them in the classroom.

Either way, kids are getting some great practice with memory skills. (Adults may want to try this challenging game, too!)

Printable Game Boards for Both Variations

Printable Instructions for Both Variations 

Variation 1:

Before the game begins:

The Big Picture, Kids' Memory Game cards

1) Print one copy of the game board for everyone to study at the beginning of the game.

2) Print one more game board for each player. Cut the squares apart. Put each set of squares in a separate envelope.

To Play:

1) Show the player(s)  a copy of the game board. Allow them to study the objects and their placements for two minutes.

2) Put the game board away.

3) Hand each player a set of pictures, as described above.

4) Ask players to arrange the pictures to match the original game board.

5) When finished, reveal the original game board so that players can check their work.

Variation 2:

The Big Picture, Kids' Memory Game Board

1) Give the player(s)  a copy of the game board. Allow them to study the objects and their placements for two minutes.

2) Put the game board away. 

3) Ask the player(s) these questions. Players may answer orally or in writing.

a) Name three toys in the picture.

b) Which of these items was not in the picture?  vase, kite, frog

c) Name three animals in the picture.

d) Besides the animals, what other living things were in the picture?

e) How many objects were there altogether?

f) What 2 items could you put on your feet?

g) What 2 items could you eat or drink?

h) What would item would an animal put in its mouth?

i) What musical instrument did you see?

j) What two items use electricity?

4) When finished, reveal the original game board so that players can check their work.

Thumbs up!

Optional Scoring:

9-10 correct answers: Superb

7-8  correct answers: Excellent

5-6  correct answers: Very Good

3-4 correct answers: Keep Working

0 -2 correct answers: Try Again 

More Kids Memory Games

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More Kids Games & Puzzles

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