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Primary Reading Games


colorful collage of numbers

Our primary reading games help to make learning fun. We all know how important that is!

This is a super-simple game that gives kids a fun way to practice reading number words. It can be played again and again. We think you'll like it!

Take a peek at the rules here, then scroll down for the full text. 

Primary Reading Games - Rules, page 1
Primary Reading Games - Rules, page 2


Skill: Reading number words from 1-10

Players: 2

Objective: Cover 3 words in a row

Supplies: paper, pencil, number word cards (make your own or use our PDF), colored squares of paper in two different colors.

To play:

1. Print our number cards, or make your own. Cut number cards apart and place in a small paper bag. Give each player his own paper, pencil and about 6 colored markers.

2. Each player draws a separate tic-tac-toe board and fills it with any numbers from 1 to 10.

red markers to use in tic-tac-toe game

3. For the first game, both players use the board drawn by player 1. Player 1 draws a number from the bag, reads the word, and covers that space on his board with a colored marker. Player 2 draws a number card and covers that number his colored marker. Have the key available in case players need to check their answers.

4. Continue in the same manner until one player has three markers in a row, across, down, or diagonally. That player wins the round and earns 2 points. If no player gets 3 in a row, both players earn 1 point.

5. If a player draws a card for a number that is not on the board, his turn is over.

6. For the second game, use the board drawn by Player 2. Place all the number cards back into the bag. Player 2 draws the first card. Continue as in round 1.

Play as many rounds as time allows, switching back and forth between game boards. The player with the most points at the end of the game time is the winner.

Here's a sample game board:

sample tic tac toe board with numbers

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woman jogging down a path

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paper and pencil

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You can find lots more free phonics games at Spelling Words Well.

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