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Bible Activities for Children

Bible Picture Puzzles

Here's one of my favorite Bible activities for children. It's easy, flexible and can be used to reinforce almost any Bible story. By following my simple step-by-step directions, you'll soon have oodles of puzzles from which your young Bible scholars can choose.


Supplies needed to make puzzles


  • Bible story pictures, coloring pages, or even calendar photos that illustrate God's creation
  • Rubber cement or a glue stick
  • Colored construction paper or card stock
  • Scissors
  • Resealable plastic bags

1. Glue each picture onto a piece of construction paper, leaving a "frame" as shown. (The pictures I've used here are from my Life of Moses coloring pages.)

The construction paper serves to stiffen the picture. It also provides a "frame" which gives children clues about how to assemble the pieces. But the best part of using colored paper, to me, is that it makes sorting puzzle pieces nearly foolproof, when pieces get mixed up.

First step in constructing puzzles

2. Cut each picture into large chunks. For very young children, cut the image into a small number of pieces. For older kids, cut more pieces.

Bible story pictures cut into puzzle pieces

3. Store each puzzle in its own resealable bag. This is where the benefit of the colored background paper comes into play. If the pieces from the two puzzles above get mixed up, it's easy to sort them by color!

puzzle pieces stored in plastic bags

4. Be on the lookout for more pictures that can be used to make good Bible story puzzles. Remember to use many different colored papers as backgrounds. That way you can offer groups of students an assortment of puzzles from which to choose, without pieces becoming mixed up. 

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Jesus welcoming children

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Other Bible activities for children here at Word-Game-World include Bible word search puzzles, Bible games, and Bible trivia. Try them all!

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