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Bible Trivia Questions

Bible Trivia - Mary & Elizabeth

How many of these Bible trivia questions do you know? This collection of 20 questions includes information about fascinating women from both the Old and New Testaments.  Some of the questions are easy, but many are definitely not!

Women of the Bible Trivia Questions

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Women In the Bible Trivia Questions from Word-Game-World.com

1. Which books of the Bible are named after women?

2. What was the name of Mary’s cousin whose baby was born just months before Jesus? 

3. Who was Abram’s wife?  

4. What elderly widow saw Baby Jesus at the Temple? 

5. Who was Isaac’s wife, the mother of Esau and Jacob? 

6. What woman was Jacob required to marry before he could marry the woman’s younger sister? 

Rahab hanging a scarlet cord at the window

7. What woman helped the Israelite spies who were scouting out her city of Jericho?

8. What barren woman was given a child after she pleaded at the temple, and what was her child’s name?  

9. What woman brought lavish gifts when she came to visit King Solomon?

10. What were the names of Naomi’s two daughters-in-laws? 

11. What were the names of Timothy’s mother and grandmother? 

12. What woman conspired with her husband to lie about the sale price of some land?

13. In the book of Acts, who was the businesswoman who dealt in fine purple fabrics?

14. What woman, along with her husband, accompanied Paul to Syria?

15. What woman acted quickly to avert much bloodshed after her husband disrespected King David?   

Baby Moses and mother

16. What is the name of the prophetess in the book of Judges who led Israel into a successful battle?  

17. What was the name of Moses’ mother?   

18. What expert seamstress was brought back to life after Peter prayed for her?

19. What woman in the Old Testament was thrown down out of a window, died and was never buried?

20. What was the name of the servant girl who was overjoyed that Peter was knocking on the door? 

We've used the NIV translation in compiling these Bible trivia questions. Other sources may differ slightly. Always review questions before using them with groups to make sure they are the right degree of difficulty.

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