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Crossword for Kids

Snack Time!

cute young boy with mouth open and tongue out

This crossword for kids provides fun and learning all at once. Why? In order to solve a crossword, a child must be able to read the clues, think of the correct answer AND be able to spell the answer correctly. And if some of the clues are bit too tricky, a family member can help the child.

Working together on a fun, educational activity is fantastic!

What are your favorite snacks? Do you know how to spell them? In this kids’ crossword puzzle, you need to unscramble the names of ten popular snacks. These are yummy, good-for-you foods! Here's a peek at the printable page. The full-sized clues also appear below. 

Printable Version and Answer

Snack Time Crossword for Kids. Find the printable page at https://www.word-game-world.com/crossword-for-kids.html


1.   palep

4.   pregas

5.   tracros

8.   alreec

9.   shecee


1.   covodaa

2.   cronopp

3.   treelzp

6.   sarinsi

7.   neroga 

Digging a Little Deeper...

Can you unscramble this snack? (It's one of my favorites!)

napute  trbuet  dna  ryelce

Scroll down for the answer.

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