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Animal Crossword Puzzles

Baby Animal Names

brown bunny

If you are looking for animal crossword puzzles, you've come to the right place! We have several other simple crossword puzzles, too, that your child is sure to enjoy.

Do you know what we call a baby rabbit? That’s right, it’s a bunny! You already know the answer to the first clue, #1 Across. Complete the rest of this puzzle in the same manner. Give the name for the young of each animal listed.

Printable Crossword & Answers

printable easy crosswords - puzzle


2. Rabbit
5. Swan
7. Duck
10. Horse
12. Kangaroo
15. Cat
16. Zebra
17. Pig


1. Dog
3. Chicken
4. Deer
5. Bear, fox, lion, tiger, shark
6. Frog
8. Sheep
9. Goose
11. Cow, whale, elephant, hippo
13. Owl
14. Goat

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