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Free Printable Crossword Puzzles

Missing Links

chain links with some missing

You'll be busy for a long time with our many free printable crossword puzzles! Why not start with this one?

To solve each clue in this unique crossword, you need to figure out which word is the missing link that completes each of the other words. Your answers will usually form compound words or phrases. 

For example, the clue in #1 Down reads "raw - out." The missing link is HIDE because  RAWHIDE and HIDEOUT are two common words. 

Missing Links Crossword

Missing Links - free printable crossword puzzle

Printable Clues, Puzzle, and Solution


1.   gold – stick

3.   snow – string

6.   honey – drop

9.   air – dance

10.  camp – place

11.  cup – game

12.  work – music

13.  green – tack

16.  street – pool

17.  bare – ball

18.  dog – land

20.  left – turn

21.  some – in

22.  rain – tie

23.  pony – spin

25.  sweet – beat

27.  common – holder

29.  news – weight

30.  snow – wood

32.  there – cast

33.  quick – castle

2.   raw – out

4.   house – tight

5.   tooth – up

7.   hog – room

8.   knee – stone

11.  peanut – fly

12.  sweat – tail

14.  flea – place

15.  back – stick

16.  water – fast

chocolate cake

17.  grape – cake

18.  feather – loss

19.  cut – fit

21.  drive – ward

23.  time – cloth

24.  copper – light

26.  crab – sauce

28.  clothes – point

31.  pop – bread

For More Word Play Fun...

Start with any clue and answer from the puzzle. Extend the "chain" of words by adding more links. Here's an example for 1 Across: gold - fish - stick- pin - point. How long can you make your chain?

Contact me with your answers, and I'll share them!

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