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Anagram Crossword

Here’s a fun and challenging anagram crossword featuring celebrities’ names. The anagrammed letters spell out some awkward phrases, to be sure! How long will it take you to untangle them?

Celebrity Anagrams

movie cameraman

Unscramble the phrase in each clue to spell the first and last names of a well-known celebrity.  (Did your favorites make my list?)

Printable Crossword & References 

anagram crossword grid


1.   Icy caulk manual

3.   Buy no intern

4.   My anger

5.   With mills

7.   I jangle in aloe

9.   I rent bells

13. Do far horn, sir

14. Wire ill cubs

17. Can etch tablet

18. Hark, Mom ran

19. Hi zeal crews

20. A periodical donor

21. Jolts sanest anchor


1.   Gram, walk Herb

2.   Rejoin fan in nest

6.   Green fern in jar

8.   Use even rake

10. Call barn kudos

11. A no dim craze

12. Rich in loft

15. Meet mason

16. Yell ark, Glen

Digging Deeper

Take this Anagram Crossword one step further! Try to list at least 10 movies starring the person in clue 10 Down. 

Scroll down for the answer.

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Here are 10 Sandra Bullock movies. There are many more.
Forces of Nature, Gun Shy, 28 Days, Miss Congeniality, Murder by Numbers, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Infamous, The Proposal, The Blind Side, Gravity

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