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Kids Reading Games

Spin It to Win It!

a spinning top and game board

You'll find a variety of kids reading games on this site, because we believe that learning to read can be fun!

In this game, children will spin the spinner, read and change words, and use the words in sentences.


Skill: Reading common words, phonics, making sensible sentences

Grade level: 1-3

Players: 2

Objective: Mark the most spaces on the game board

Supplies: Pdf game board and spinner, a marker for each player, a different colored crayon for each player.

To play:

1.  Print the game board and spinner. (The two game boards are written at different levels. Use the one most appropriate for your learners.) Laminate, if possible, or make several game boards so that players can color on a new board for each round. Follow directions for making the spinner.

2. Players begin by placing their markers on any space on the board.


3. Player 1 spins. He moves his marker that number of spaces. He may move horizontally, vertically or diagonally to any adjoining space.

4. Player 1 reads the word on the space and uses it in a sentence. Then he spins again to get instructions for making a new word. Think of a word that’s the same except for the beginning sound Think of a word that’s the same except for the vowel sound Think of a word that’s the same except for the ending sound Tell students to think about the sounds of the new words, and not necessarily how the words are spelled.

5. If Player 1 is able to do this successfully, he uses his crayon to mark an X on the square. If he is unable to use the word in a sentence and make a second word, his turn is over. He stays where he is and does not mark the square. (Sometimes it may not be possible to make the second word.)

6. Player 2 follows the same procedure.

7. The game is over when all squares have been marked. The player with the most Xs is the winner.* Wipe the game board clean, or get a new copy, and play another round or two as time allows.

*Variation: The player who marks the last square wins.

You'll find lots more phonics activities, worksheets and games on my other website, too!

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