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Memory Training Games

More List Twists

Aqua pencil and clipboard, from our memory training game called "List Twists" at www.word-game-world.com

Here's another set of memory training games for you to try on your own or with a friend.

You'll simply study a list of words for a set amount of time, and then answer some very specific questions about the word list. Simple-to-follow directions and four new word lists are included here. 

List Twists 5 - 8

Begin by downloading these printable instructions which explain the simple process used in these brain training games.

Try the first four List Twists (1 - 4) on this page before moving on to the more challenging lists below. 

Auto mechanic and tools

Then you'll want to move on to four new, more challenging lists (5 - 8). These new lists include occupations, vegetables, tools and gemstones.

Do these sound easy or difficult to you? It often depends on how familiar you are with the topic. 

So, before you start these memory training games, you may just want to brush up on items that might appear in one or more of these lists. 

Use these links for the four new memory quizzes:

Printable Lists 5- 8

Printable Quizzes 5 - 8

Take a peek at the lists here. Be sure to look at the quizzes, too!

List Twists from our Memory Training Games
List Twists from our Memory Training Games

Don't forget to use the Printable Quizzes 5 - 8 for the lists above!

Tips and Tricks

Forgetful elephant with a string tied around his finger

In this new set of lists, you'll be asked to learn longer lists of more complicated words. So what's the secret to success? Here are two tips:

1. Look for links between the word spellings. For instance, in some of the lists, I've purposely put three words next to each other that begin with the same letter. On one list, I placed all the two-word items together.

2. Look for links between the word meanings. Sometimes words that naturally "go together" are next to each other.

Find these connections and try to remember them. If you can remember one of the words in these "sets," chances are good you'll remember the other ones, too. 

Good luck!

More Memory Training Games

Free Memory Games - Word Wall 2 from www.word-game-world.com

Word Wall 1 - Are you looking for a slightly easier challenge? Try our first wall. It also has 25 words, but we only give you 1 minute to study them. Try it to see if you think it's really easier...!

Word Wall 2 - Are you ready for a more difficult challenge? This time you'll get two minutes to study the word wall...and you will need it!

Memory Mayhem - This is great party game for adults and teens. Find out who has the best memory with this fun, flexible game.

New! Memory Games for Kids

Grid of 12 pictures from our Memory Games for Kids page

Get the Picture? - A simple memory game, based on a set of twelve pictures. It's great for younger kids and can be played two different ways.  

The Big Picture - A more difficult kids' memory game, similar to the one above, but with LOTS more pictures. It's great for older kids, and even adults. 

You may also enjoy my fun collection of brain games. These do not require skills in remembering, but you will be challenged in other ways!

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