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Printable Easy Crossword Puzzles


Here's one of our favorite printable easy crossword puzzles, especially during cold weather.

Warm up with a nice cup of cocoa and some word game fun. You'll have little trouble solving this simple puzzle all about cocoa, one of America's favorite hot beverages!

You'll need to spell the answers to just twelve clues to complete this fun crossword. 

Cocoa Crossword

Printable Version and Answers

Large Print Version and Answers

Cocoa Crossword Puzzle, one of the printable easy crossword puzzles from www.word-game-world.com


2.   Puffy white treats that make great cocoa toppers

7.   Ingredient that makes cocoa brown

8.   Cocoa can be topped with whipped ____.

11. Whistling container used for heating water

12. Cocoa is sometimes served with a cup and ___.


1.   Best temperature for drinkable cocoa

3.   Sweetener that's often used to make cocoa

4.   Handled drinking container

5.   Use this to stir your beverage

6.   Name brand of powdered chocolate that you can add to milk

9.   This dairy product is cocoa's basic ingredient

10. Season in which we drink the most cocoa

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