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Food Crossword

D-Lightful Dishes

chocolate covered donut

You'll not find a tastier food crossword anywhere! Grab a donut or some other delicious treat, a beverage and pencil and get to work on this fun puzzle. 

How many delectable dishes do you know that begin with the letter D? You may or may not agree that all the ones in this puzzle are, in fact, delicious. But they do all begin with D. That's an important tip that may help you solve the most difficult clues. 

Printable Crossword & Answers

Delightful Dishes! Food crossword puzzle


1.   Type of cold eggs prepared with savory seasoning

5.   The lower part of a chicken’s or turkey’s leg (plural)

6.   Strong coffee served after dinner in a small cup

9.   Dehydrated apples, bananas, apricots, etc. (2 wds)

11. Oblong, fleshy fruit of an Old World palm tree

12. Goes well with chips or fresh vegetables

13. Chicken or turkey sliced and baked with broccoli and Hollandaise sauce

14. Light, rich flaky pastry

15. A weed with bright yellow flowers, whose leaves are sometimes eaten as “greens”

16. A large, long white winter radish

chocolate torte with raspberries


2.   Any sweet dish served at the end of a meal

3.   Kind of rich chocolate cake (2 wds)

4.   Hot morning beverage made with a certain kind of appliance (2 wds)

5.   A piece of dough cooked by boiling or steaming

7.   Refers to a sauce that goes on salad or to poultry stuffing

8.   A cucumber prepared with a certain aromatic herb (2 wds)

9.   A kind of thick, baked pizza (2 wds)

10. The flesh of a web-footed swimming bird

11. One of several cuts of beef, typically a boneless rib eye steak or a bone-in top loin steak

14. A small ring of sweet dough, fried in fat, sometimes filled or frosted

Digging Deeper

Can you list any words that contain 4 Ds? The words do not have to be foods.

Scroll down for some possible answers.

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