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Large Print Crossword Puzzles

I've written some new large print crossword puzzles that are easy for older adults to enjoy! Take a trip down memory lane with this new collection. Be sure to share your puzzles with younger friends and family members for some great conversation!

Headlines from the 70s

This crossword will remind you of several significant events that occurred in the 1970s, from politics to religion to entertainment, in the U.S. and around the world. 

Printable puzzle and answers

"Headlines from the 70s" is our newest large print crossword puzzle. Reminisce about world events in politics, sports, and religion in this fun crossword from www.word-game-world.com.


2. The Nobel Peace Prize was won by ___ Teresa in 1979.

9. The controversial war in ______ raged from 1959 until about 1975.

10. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak launched _____ Computers in 1976.

11. Arthur Ashe, a renowned _______ player, won Wimbledon in 1975.

14. John ___ II became the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church in 1978.

15. The ___ Show, featuring Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, premiered  on TV in 1976.


1. Gerald ___ became the first unelected U.S. President in 1974.

3. The _____ Games in Munich, Germany, were disrupted by terrorists

 in 1972.

4.  This popular British singing group broke up in 1970.

5.  The first  "___ Wars" movie, directed by George Lucas, was released  in 1977.

6. This President resigned in 1974 amid scandal.

7.  The Supreme Court made abortions legal in Roe v. ___ in 1973.

8.  Students staged protests at ___ State University in Ohio.

12. The Aswan High Dam on the Nile river opened in this country in 1970.

13. 52 Americans were taken hostage in Tehran, the capital of ____,  in 1979.

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I'll be adding more large print puzzles in the near future, so please check back soon.

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