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Printable Easy Crosswords
For Adults

My collection of printable easy crosswords for adults is growing nearly every week! This puzzle is a large-print edition, all about tools.

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In Your Toolbox

Can you solve all twelve clues about popular tools: You probably have all of these (and many more) in  your toolbox!

Printable puzzle and answers


2. A hand __ will cut through small pieces of wood

4. Use a razor ___ in a cutter to scrape glass, remove old caulking or wallpaper, etc.

7. A tool for holding small objects or for bending wire

8. Use this to apply paint, glue, cleaners or lubricants.

10. A tool with two jaws for holding materials in place

11. Put bits in this to make holes in hard substances


Tools from a toolbox


1. This will help you make a straight horizontal line or surface.

2. A tool for turning screws

3. A utility ___ is handy for cutting tape, wire, etc.

5. Measure things with this.

6. Duct ___ is great for holding all sorts of things together.

 9. Use this to drive in nails

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I'll be adding more printable easy crosswords for adults in the near future, so please check back soon.

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