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Printable Easy Crosswords
with Answers

My collection of printable easy crosswords with answers is growing nearly every week! This puzzle is a large-print edition, all about department stores.

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Department Store Delights

Do you remember the fun of browsing through a department store as a child?  Perhaps the experience became even more wonderful as more stores opened with a wider assortment of merchandise. Try to solve this puzzle about department stores,  both old and new.

Printable puzzle and answers

"Department Store Delights" is one of our fun, printable easy crosswords with answers. You'll solve clues about various stores and departments from both old and new stores.


1.   Sears & ____

4.   Person who takes your money

5.   JC_______

6.   Child’s favorite department

8.   Place to try on clothes (2 wds)

11. Brides often have a gift _____ in a department store

12. You’d find these for ladies in the millinery department

13. Go to the ____ center for a family portrait.

15. Alternative to stairs and elevators

16. Department for pans & mixers

Department store toys


2.   Counter where you can purchase lipstick

3.   Department that sells bracelets

7.   Department with fabric & thread (2 wds)

9.   Its logo is a red dot inside a red circle

10. _____ Field & Company

14. Famous NYC department store

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I'll be adding more printable easy crosswords with answers in the near future, so please check back soon.

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