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Printable Reading Games

Verb Vine

Verb Vine game board - free printable reading game

We have lots of printable reading games for elementary grades.

This colorful game board will have your third, fourth and fifth graders reading and working with lots of interesting verbs. Be sure to view the screen shot of the board, then print the pdf.

Verb Vine printable reading game board

Skill: Reading, working with verbs,other word skills

Grade level: 4-5

Players: 2-3

Objective: Be the first player to reach END on the game board

Supplies: PDF game board, word cards, a standard die, game piece for each player

Print the game board and word cards.

To play:

1. Print and laminate the game board and word cards. Cut the cards apart. Give each child a game piece to move around the board.

2. Shuffle the cards and place them face down on the table.

3. Player 1 rolls the dies and moves forward that number of spaces. He draws a word card and tries to make a new word, following the instructions on the game board. For example, if he rolls a 2 and draws the word forget, he might give overlook, or not remember for his answer. If a player is unable to think of an answer, he goes back to where he began that turn. Note: It is not always possible to perform each task on every word. His turn is over.

4. Other players follow in turn.

5. If players use all the cards before the game ends, the cards should be shuffled and reused.

6. The first player to reach the END wins. Players do not have to reach it on an exact count.

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