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Science Crossword Puzzles

Astronomy Crossword

science crossword puzzle - telescope in the night sky

Kids love to learn when the learning is fun! Science crossword puzzles can provide a good way to review important terms and definitions and add a nice change from your usual routine.

This puzzle features facts and terminology about our Solar System. You might say this crossword is out of this world!

Printable Science Crossword Puzzle


Science crossword puzzle


1. The name of our galaxy
4. A very small star
6. The planet closest to Earth
9. The "Red Planet"
10. The planet closest to the Sun
11. Number of stars in the Big Dipper
13. The distance light travels in one year
17. An instrument that makes distant objects look larger and closer
19. The spinning of the Earth on its axis
20. Small rocky objects that revolve around the sun, mostly in the area between Mars and Jupiter


2. A scientist who studies stars and planets
3. A star much larger than our sun
5. A group of stars with a definite pattern or arrangement
7. A star's brightness is called its ______.
8. The largest planet in our solar system
12. Another name for the North Star
14. A large group of stars, gas and dust
15. The movement of the Earth around the Sun
16. The planet with rings
18. A mass of material with a long tail that travels around the Sun

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