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Spanish Crossword Puzzles

Thirty Basic Spanish/English Words


If you're looking for Spanish Crossword Puzzles, here's one you won't want to miss. It's great practice for adults and kids of all ages.

Read the clue in Spanish, then write the equivalent English word in the puzzle. The clues include the words for colors, numbers and days of the week. It's great reinforcement for those words that we all should know!

Printable Crossword Puzzle


Spanish crossword puzzle grid from www.word-game-world.com

1. seis
2. dos
3. blanco
4. azul
6. viernes
9. cincuenta
11. treinta
13. uno
14. cuatro
15. martes
17. veinte
19. once
21. cero
22. nueve
23. naranja
25. cinco
26. miércoles
27. domingo

1. sábado
2. jueves
5. ocho
7. amarillo
8. lunes
10. tres
12. rojo
15. diez
16. siete
18. doce
20. cuarenta
24. verde

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