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Free Crossword Puzzles to Print
Classic Books and Authors

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Here's one of our free crossword puzzles to print. You can get to more crosswords at different levels of difficulty by clicking the links at the bottom of this page.

We've featured some of the best books of all time in this classic crossword puzzle. To solve the puzzle, supply the LAST NAME of the author for each title listed.

Printable Puzzle and Solution

Classic Books and Authors educational crossword from www.word-game-world.com.


1. The Grapes of Wrath
4. Paradise Lost
6. The Call of the Wild
8. The War of the Worlds
9. Dr. Zhivago
11. The Red Badge of Courage
12. Invisible Man
13. Crime and Punishment
15. The Old Man and the Sea
17. The Three Musketeers
23. Gone With the Wind
24. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
25. Frankenstein
28. Jane Eyre
29. 1984
30. Moby-Dick
31. Tragedy of Hamlet
33. The Picture of Dorian Gray
34. Les Misérables
35. The Great Gatsby
36. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


2. Walden
3. Swiss Family Robinson
5. Anna Karenina
6. To Kill a Mocking Bird
7. Robinson Crusoe
10. The Lord of the Rings
13. David Copperfield
14. The Catcher in the Rye
15. Brave New World
16. Ulysses
17. The Complete Sherlock Holmes
18. Gulliver's Travels
19. The Good Earth
20. Don Quixote
21. The Scarlet Letter
22. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
26. Uncle Tom's Cabin
27. Lord of the Flies
32. Pride and Prejudice

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In addition to lots of free crossword puzzles to print, you can also find fun learning activities for elementary and middle school like our reading games for kids, spelling games, and kids' scramble pages.

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