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Anagram List

You can find an anagram list in many places. But www.word-game-world.com is one of the few places where you’re challenged to SOLVE some anagrams. This page is written for the serious word-player who wants to have fun with anagrams!

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We’ve gathered some perfect anagrams (see our Anagram Examples page) from The Anagram Dictionary by Michael Curl, published by Macmillan Publishers, LTD., 1982. A portion of each solution is given.

Your job is to finish spelling the phrase with the letters from the original portion not yet used. There is one blank for each word that you need to write. With these hints, you should be well on your way to cracking these puzzlers! The anagrams get tougher as you work down the page.

Here's a peek at the Printable Anagram List. The full text also appears below. 

Anagram List - Can you complete each anagram?

Example: Grand finale = A FLARING ____ (END)

1. Stone deaf = TONES ______

2. Tantrums = MUST _______

3. Parishioner = I HIRE ________

4. Realistic = IT IS _____

5. Income taxes = EXACT ______

6. Western Union = NO WIRE _______

7. Payment received = EVERY CENT _______ _____

8. Versatility = ___________ LIST

9. A shoplifter = HAS _____ ________

10. Eternal devotion = I NOTE __________ ________

11. A stitch in time saves nine = THIS IS MEANT AS _______________.

12. Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott = A NOVEL BY _____ ________ _______

13. A trip around the world = HARD TO PLAN ______ ______

14. Old-fashioned winter = I FOLDED _______ _____ ______

Complete the Anagram - Answers


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