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Easy Printable Crosswords

shopper struggling to carry all of her packages

Shop 'Til You Drop!

Here's one of our easy printable crosswords that's perfect for those who love to shop! How long will it take you to solve it? 

When you're done, be sure to check out more simple crosswords from the list below. 

Printable Crossword and Solution

crossword puzzle grid


4.    All the goods in a store

5.    A large complex of stores

6.    Where women usually carry their money

7.    Where you go to try on clothes (2 words)

8.    The plastic way to pay (2 words)

11.   Plan where the buyer reserves an item, makes small payments and then claims after it is paid in full

12.   What all retailers hope to make

13.   Department where computers, tablets and phones are sold


1.     World's largest online retailer

2.     A walkway between rows of products

3.     Person who collects your payment

6.     Where you put your car while you shop (2 words)

8.     A four-wheeled device in which you collect your       purchases

9.     The largest retailer in the world

10.   What every shopper loves

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