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You've Got Mail!

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We've written lots of word search puzzles online, just for you! We enjoy creating puzzles for folks of all ages on a wide range of subjects, and we try to add new puzzles frequently. Be sure to check back again soon!

Here's an easy word search puzzle about an important, everyday topic: E-mail!

See how quickly in you can find words in this easy word search, which contains just 20 words. Answers can read left, right, up, down or diagonally.

Be sure to do another puzzle or two from our site before you return to your own inbox!

Printable puzzle and answers
Word Search Puzzles Online: You've Got Mail

Word List:

  1. attachment
  2. carbon copy
  3. compose
  4. delete
  5. folders
  6. forward
  7. gmail
  8. hotmail
  9. inbox
  10. junk mail
  11. read
  12. recipient
  13. send
  14. sender
  15. spam
  16. subject
  17. tags
  18. trash
  19. unread
  20. yahoo

Please note that you can view the answer grid by clicking on the printable version and scrolling down to the second page.

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Note: We have many more word searches that are more difficult than the one on this page. Of course, the same puzzle that may be easy for you may be difficult for someone else.

But in general, these factors make a word search puzzle more difficult:

  • Longer word lists
  • Words in the list that do not appear in the puzzle or
  • Words in the puzzle that do not appear on the list
  • Answers that appear backwards diagonally in the puzzle. 
  • An extra "twist" of some sort in the puzzle

If you enjoyed solving this puzzle, please try more of our easy word search games, then move on to the medium and difficult levels. We think you'll like them all! Use the links at the top right of this page to locate these fun word games. 

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