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Here at Word Game World, we have oodles of traditional word searches puzzles, crosswords, cryptograms, anagrams, scrambles and more! Be sure to try them all!

TV Talent Shows

loud singer

Television talent shows are more popular than ever. Why? Maybe it’s because we ALL like to think that we could be a star!

Find the words in ALL CAPITAL letters in the puzzle. Answers may appear in any direction.

Printable puzzle and answers
word searches puzzles - diagram

Word List:






6. DANCING with the...

7.  ... STARS










17. So you THINK...

18.   ...YOU CAN DANCE



Please note that you can view the answer grid by clicking on the printable version and scrolling down to the second page.

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Word searches are fun for everyone. Be sure to print out several of our pages to share with your friends and family! Don't miss our Bible pages, seasonal pages, and kids' puzzles, too. They're great for parties and family gatherings.

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view from outer space

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Buzzword sample puzzle

Buzzwords: Perhaps our favorite invention of all! You'll look answers to clues in a honeycomb-shaped word search puzzle. A unique combination of crosswords, word searches and anagrams, all wrapped up into one sweet puzzle!

ZigZags: Another original design, this puzzle will have you zigzagging your through a set of seven 7-letter words. Sounds easy, right?

Note: We have many more word searches that are more difficult than the one on this page. Of course, the same puzzle that may be easy for you may be difficult for someone else.

But in general, these factors make a word search puzzle more difficult:

  • Longer word lists
  • Words in the list that do not appear in the puzzle or
  • Words in the puzzle that do not appear on the list
  • Answers that appear backwards diagonally in the puzzle.
  • An extra "twist" of some sort in the puzzle

If you enjoyed solving this puzzle, please try more of our easy word search games, then move on to the medium and difficult levels. We think you'll like them all! Use the links at the top right of this page to locate these fun word games.

We have lots more word search puzzles, along with many easy crossword puzzles, anagrams, cryptograms, word scrambles and more.

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triangulair example

Triangulairs: Use the letters in the triangles to form 4-letter words and the big 10-letter word. Can you beat our scores? This is fun game to play on your own when you have just a few minutes. Print one out, stick it in your briefcase or put by the TV. Solve it when you have a minute or two. If you beat our score, be sure to write us and tell us!

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