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Kids Word Games

All Aboard!

We have lots of kids word games for you to try! On this site, you'll find a wide variety of puzzles, including crosswords, word searches, reading games, spelling games and word scrambles, like the one on this page.


How long will it take you or your child to unscramble these 12 words related to trains? Solving word games like this is a great way to reinforce vocabulary and spelling skills and to have fun!

All Aboard Kids Word Game Scramble

Printable Kids Word Game & Answers

1. CRATSK        

2. ANTTIOS                  

3. EGTHIRF                  

4. GLANIS                     

5. OCCUNDROT          

6. CITTEK                     

7. ENEGIN                    

8. BOSCOAE                

9. SLEWEH                   

10. GRASPENSES       

11. SRGNOSCI            

12. SHEWLIT   

1. tracks 2. station 3. freight 4. signal 5. conductor 6. ticket 7. engine 8. caboose 9. wheels 10. passengers 11. crossing 12. whistle

Extension Activity

purple car

Ask your child to think about another form of transportation. Together make a list of 5-10 words related to it. If appropriate for the age of your child, ask him/her to scramble to words on your list for another family member or classmate to solve. Kids love to be the "teacher," or creator of quizzes!

Here's a sample list for CARS: driver, seat belt, signal, brakes, pedal, trunk, engine, gas tank, etc. 

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More Kids Word Games:

calendar pages

Here are just a few more of our fun kids' word games:

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Kids' Word Search Puzzles:

elephant and circus tent

And how about some printable kids’ word search puzzles? They’re always a hit! Here is just a sample from our large collection.

Come to the Circus! Step right up to the big top for this fun puzzle with 25 words.

Math Word Search Puzzles Two fun puzzles featuring multiplication problems and math words. Great for all ages!

green dinosaur

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