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Free Kids Educational Games

Mixed Up Dates

free kids educational games - scrambled calendar words

Free kids educational games can be a real help to parents and teachers who are looking for a fun way to reinforce important skills.

Word scramble puzzles, like the one here, are one kind of word game that does just that. When kids unscramble words, they're reinforcing spelling and vocabulary skills -- and they're having fun!

How long will it take for you, or your child to unscramble these 20 words related to the calendar?

Printable word game and answers


Word List:

1.   ovenrebm                

2.   nuej                          

3.   drusyath                  

4.   creedmeb                

5.   dryfia                       

6.   crahm                      

7.   aajnyur                   

8.   studeya                             

9.   treepsemb              

10. yulj                           

11. yam                          

12. brootec                    

13. dsanuy                    

14. lapir                         

15  dracelna                  

16. yamnod                   

17. sugtau                     

18. newsddeay             

19. brrafeyu                  

20. yatrusad

1. November 2. June 3. Thursday 4. December 5. Friday 6. March 7. January 8. Tuesday 9. September 10. July 11. May 12. October 13. Sunday 14. April 15. calendar 16. Monday 17. August 18. Wednesday 19. February 20. Saturday

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