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Free Educational Kids Games

In Your Backpack

backpack and lunch bag

There are lots of great free educational kids games, and we have some of the best on the internet! On this page you'll find a fun word scramble about common school items for kids to solve.

In Your Backpack

Here's a peek at the printable page. For best results, print out the word list and have your child write the answers in the blanks included. You'll find the answers at the end of the printable page or under the orange button below. 

Free Educational Games for Kids - In Your Backpack Word Scramble

1. a r e p p                      

2. d r e f l o                      

3. s e e r a r                     

4. c l n u h                       

5. o k o s b                      

6. k e r a r m                    

7. n a c r o y                    

8. c l i p n e                      

9. e x e l n e k                  

10. c r i s s t e k               

11. n o y e m                   

12. m o k e w r o h           

13. l u r r e                       

14. a g i v e m o d e*        

15. m o t h s l y c e g*      

 *Answers are spelled with two words.

1. paper 2. folder 3. eraser 4. lunch 5. books 6. marker 7. crayon 8. pencil 9. Kleenex 10. money 11. homework 12. ruler 14. video game 15. gym clothes

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