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Solve Cryptograms Galore!

Smelly Stuff Cryptofamily

If you like to solve cryptograms you're in the right place, because we have a BUNCH.  Start with this Smelly Stuff puzzler, then move on to additional puzzles listed below. 

For help with decoding these puzzles, read our article on solving cryptograms.

Smelly Stuff

cartoony skunk

Printable version and answers
Example: Sweaty Socks

1. G M R R I Q I Z Z B

2. B O J Q O

3. U P E U G I P R L

4. D M R L U P Y Y B

5. Y V D U J G Z I G W L I I B I

6. Y M W O I G G M M D

7. Z P G U P Z I

8. M Q V M Q B

9. E V I B I Y T J D I B

10. E I P E T B V L

Solve Cryptograms for More Fun!

You may already know that cryptograms are not only fun to solve, they're also a great way to exercise your brain. 

If you really like to solve cryptograms, why not move on to these cryptofamilies?

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  • Cryptofamilies are especially fun because you need to decode a short list of words or phrases on a related topic. But did you know that our cryptograms and cryptoquotes are also very entertaining?

    Here are a few of our favorites:

    Cryptoquotes - Set #1: Here's a fascinating set of quotations from a variety of people past and present. Nuggets of wisdom that still ring true!

    Mark Twain

    Cryptoquotes - Set #2: Another eclectic assortment of quotes that will provide a challenge and a thought-provoking quote.

    Quotations from Mark Twain: Wisdom, witticisms and smiles await!

    pink pig

    Animal Cryptograms: The animal kingdom provides us with entertainment, companionship, and intrigue. And on this cryptogram page, animals provide us with a variety of humorous encrypted fun!

    Other Word Games to Play:

    jack-o-lantern, Christmas tree, valentine

    American Holidays and Observances - An easy crossword puzzle. There's so much to celebrate! Check your knowledge of lots of special days, anytime of year. Even if you're not an American, you'll probably know most of these.

    You'll also find many interesting easy crosswords on our page of Kids' Crosswords. But beware, a few of them aren't so easy!

    Wedding Word Search - Perfect for a bridal shower or for solving on your own. Look for the names of those people who make a wedding happen.

    smiling bee and puzzle

    Creation - In the beginning...and all the way through, we think you'll enjoy this word search puzzle!

    Buzzwords - A unique word game that we invented! Solve crossword clues as you search through a honeycomb of scrambled letters. Fun!

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