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What is An Anagram?

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What is an Anagram? The American Heritage dictionary defines an anagram word or phrase formed by reordering the letters of a word or phrase such as satin to stain

The dictionary, to be sure, answers the question...but Anagrams are way more fun than this! Anagrams games and puzzles are a blast!

A) For example, you can change

  • A seminar into a group of soldiers at sea
  • A senator into an act of betrayal

B) Can you think of

  • 4 letters that can spell both a bird and a predatory mammal?
  • 5 letters that spell both a quality piece of meat and a boot with a blade?

If you’re catching on to the idea of anagrams, you’ll be able to guess the answers:
A) seminar/marines, senator/treason
B) fowl/wolf, and steak/skate

astronomer looking into a telescope

Sometimes it is possible to form an anagram that is related to the original word or phrase. Here’s a clever example from the Encarta dictionary definition of an anagram:        

Astronomers is an anagram of no more stars.

Once you know what an anagram is, you are ready to dive into the fun world of solving anagrams. Anagram word games range from very simple to extremely difficult. Most of the anagram puzzles here at www.word-game-world.com are somewhere in the middle.

Now that you know what is an anagram, try these Anagram Puzzles!


Here are a few of the anagram pages on our site:

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