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Math Crossword Puzzle

math crossword puzzles - numbers

Here's a math crossword puzzle that makes math practice fun! Print it off and let your students enjoy practicing addition and subtraction facts. It's great for elementary classrooms or extra practice at home.

Added bonus: Kids will also need to spell the number words correctly!

Math Crossword Puzzle with Addition & Subtraction Facts

Printable Math Crossword Puzzle


math crossword puzzle


2. 9 + 8
5. 7 -3
6. 6 + 6
8. 7 + 3
10. 9 + 6
12. 11 - 3
13. 8 + 8
15. 10 + 10
17. 6 + 5
18. 7 – 6


1. 5 + 8
2. 9 - 2
3. 9 - 6
4. 9 + 9
5. 7 + 7
7. 10 + 9
9. 12 - 7
11. 13 - 7
14. 11 - 2
16. 9 – 7

Learn more about how to spell numbers on this informative page. Read tips for remembering the trickiest number words.

Practice the correct spelling of numbers in this fun crossword!

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