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Valentine Word Search


Here’s a very unusual Valentine word search puzzle that we think you’re going to LOVE! Not only is it in the shape of a heart, but it also contains a unique set of words.

Every answer in the puzzle is a word that uses only the letters in VALENTINE.

Surely there are DOZENS of words that can be spelled with the letters in VALENTINE, right? So, how do you know which words we've hidden? Well, that's going to be a bit tricky, because we're NOT furnishing the list. So cuddle up with your sweetheart (after a romantic dinner, of course), or solve it on your own (often a preferred option!) and try to find the words we chose. Here are some hints:

In this diagram, we found 18 words spelled with 4 letters, 10 words with 5 letters, 2 words with 6 letters, and 1 word with 7 letters. You may have found additional ones as well. Have fun solving this very SWEET puzzle!

Printable Word Search

Word Search Solution

Valentine Word Search Puzzle

Remember to get the printable version (and answers) to complete this unique puzzle!

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Whether you like word searches, word scrambles, crosswords, anagrams, or other word games, you are sure to find something you like.

Author Ann Fisher in her office

Ann Richmond Fisher has been a published puzzle writer and educational author for more than 30 years. Ann LOVES to concoct new puzzle formats and solve word games of all kinds! Her puzzles have appeared in Highlights for Children, local newspapers, and dozens of books published by The Education Center, McGraw-Hill and more. Ann is a former classroom and homeschool teacher. See Ann's spelling website at www.spelling-words-well.com

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