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Free Educational Games for Kids

Wide Awake!

ringing alarm clock

Free educational games for kids are a great way to provide extra practice with important skills. Our word scramble puzzles, like the one here, help to reinforce vocabulary and spelling skills.

This word game is a little tougher than many of our kids' puzzles, so it's perfect for upper elementary kids who need a challenge. (Note: Adults will like this one, too!)

You'll need to unscramble 15 words are similar in meaning to wide awake and paying attention. Good luck!

Printable version and answers

Example: AWARE

Word List:

1. TREAL                         

2. PHARS                        

3. PYANPS                      

4. VEINTATET                 

5. LIVANGIT                    

6. BROVNATES               

7. FLAWTHUC                 

8. DRAPPERE                 

9. LECREV                      

10. CUIKQ                       

11. TUASET                     

12. SCINEVII                             

13. DRYEA                      

14. GRTHIB                     

15. GLINTINELET              

1. alert 2. sharp 3. snappy 4. attentive 5. vigilant 6. observant 7. watchful 8. prepared 9. clever 10. quick 11. astute 12. incisive 13. ready 14. bright 15. intelligent

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