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Crossword Printable Puzzle

I've written a lot of crossword printable puzzles, but never one like this! Can you solve it? You'll need to finish some interesting quotations while you try to complete the crossword diagram. 

Money Talks!

movie cameraman

 ...and people talk about money! In this puzzle, you need to complete ten quotations related to money. The number of the clue is given in the blank for each missing word. (A is for Across and D is for Down.)

The crossword diagram will supply you with the all-important information about the number of letters in each word.

HINT: The answer to 9D is RICH. 

Printable Crossword & Answers

Complete Money Quotations

Crossword Printable Puzzle - Money Talks

Quotation Clues 

Complete these as you fill in the crossword diagram. (Use printable version for best results.)

1.  A  9D)_________ man is  14D) ___________ but a  15A)__________ man with money.   W.C. Fields

2.     Let us all be   20D) ____________ and live within our  26D)____________, even if we have to  1A) ____________ the  2D)____________ to do it with.   C.F. Browne

 3.     It’s a  6D)________________hard job to  22D)______________ a 24A)____________ dollars and get your money’s  30A)___________.  George Humphrey

4.     In national  4D)_____________ a million is only a  16A)___________ in the  1D)_____________. Burton Rascoe 

5.     Budget: A mathematical  13A)_________________ of your 29A)__________________.             A.A. Latimer

6.     It now costs  28D)___________ to  21A)_____________ a child than it once did to  3A)_______________ his  7A)_____________. Herbert V. Prochnow 

7.     Some people pay a 11D)_________________ as if they expected a   17D) _______________.  Frank McKinney Hubbard

talking money heart

8.     It’s 12D) _____________ to be 27A) _____________ with other people’s money.  Latin Proverb

9.     ‘Tis against some men’s 19D)______________ to pay 25D)______________,  and seems against others’ interest to 23D)__________ the 23A)________________. Benjamin Franklin

10.     I am a great  8A)_________________ in  18A)____________, and I find the  10D) _____________ I  10D)___________,  the more I have of it.                   Stephen Leacock   

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