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TV Crosswords

Celebrity Food Fight


TV crosswords can be a lot of fun to solve, and this one is challenging, too! You need to supply the name of the star who endorsed each food-related product. But it's tricky! Why?

Many of the products have been endorsed by multiple celebrities. You challenge is to find THE one that works correctly in the diagram. So use a pencil and proceed at your own pace!

Printable Crossword & References 

TV crossword featuring celebrity endorsements


2.   Nabisco: Athletic sisters

4.   Vitamin Water: Idol star

6.   Red Bull: Voice coach

8.   GG Tea: Singer

10. Activia: Singer

12. Quaker Oats: Actress

16. Diet Coke: Singer

diet Coke can

18. Mike and Ike: Rapper, singer

21. Fuze: Singer

24. Sunny Delight: Singer

25. Chipotle: Band

26. PopChips: Singer

27. Borden Milk: Band

28. Honey Nut Cheerios: Singer


1.   Nescafe: Singer

3.   Monster Energy: Rapper, singer

5.   Pepsi: Singer

7.   Weight Watchers: Singer

9.   Snapple: Band

11. CORE Hydration: Rapper

13. Nutrisystem: Singer, actress

14. Slim-Fast: Actress

15. Wonderful Pistachio: Singer

17. Chili’s: Singer

19. Sheets Energy Strips: Rapper

20. Jenny Craig Weight Loss: Actress, singer

22. Lipton Brisk: Rapper

23. Pepsi: Singer

Digging Deeper

Unscramble the bold letters in the cues to spell a celebrity who once participated in the Got Milk? campaign. 

  __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __    __ __ __ __

Scroll down for the answer.

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