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Word Search Large Print

Eight-Letter Animal Words

elephant trunk and peanuts

If you're looking for word search large print, here's a one for you that's extra fun. It's like two puzzles in one!

You'll need to locate 15 animal names in a printable large-lettered diagram. The word list, however, is a bit tricky. We've supplied only the first and letters for each animal, so you'll need to figure out the six letters that are missing in the middle. For example, one of the words is E _ _ _ _ _ _ T.  The illustration above is a great clue to that word! 

Another hint? All the animals are listed in alphabetical order.

Eight Letter Animals Word Search Large Print

Here's a peek at the printable version. This is a fun page for all ages, and for families or classmates to solve together.

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Printable Puzzle


Word Search Large Print : Eight-Letter Animals

Here is the word list:

A_ _ _ _ _ _ K

A_ _ _ _ _ _ R

A_ _ _ _ _ _E

C_ _ _ _ _ _K

E_ _ _ _ _ _T

F_ _ _ _ _ _O

H_ _ _ _ _ _G

K_ _ _ _ _ _O

M_ _ _ _ _ _E

P_ _ _ _ _ _S

R_ _ _ _ _ _R

S_ _ _ _ _ _N

S_ _ _ _ _ _E

S_ _ _ _ _ _L

S_ _ _ _ _ _Y


If you get stuck while working on this project, try working back and forth between the puzzle and the word list. For example, you might find a complete word inside the diagram before you finish spelling it in the word list. That's great!

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cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows

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These word search puzzles range from easy at the top to more difficult at the bottom. There are some kids' puzzles included here, too!

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