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Crossword Puzzles
for Kids

U.S States and Capitals: N-W

Crossword puzzles for kids are a great way to give your child hours of entertainment -- and learning!

map of USA

Find the name of the capital city for each U.S. state listed below. We’ve included just the states beginning with the letters N-W in this puzzle to keep things a bit easier.

Click here for a crossword featuring the remaining U.S. states and capitals.

Crossword puzzle grid
Printable crossword



1. West Virginia
8. South Dakota
10. Oklahoma
11. Virginia
12. Oregon
15. Wisconsin
17. Utah
19. New Hampshire
21. Ohio
22. Vermont
23. New York
24. Pennsylvania


2. North Carolina
3. New Mexico
4. South Carolina
5. Texas
6. Nevada
7. Wyoming
9. Rhode Island
13. Nebraska
14. North Dakota
16. Tennessee
18. New Jersey
20. Washington

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