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Fall Word Search

fall word search

Here's a quick fall word search puzzle that you're sure to love! Print it out to play now, or save it for your next family gathering or fall party. With just fifteen words to find, this is a fun puzzle for little ones to solve with a family helper, or maybe even on their own!

Printable Fall Word Search

fall word search
fall leaves
















For More Fall Fun...

Why not ask your kids or students to make some fall word scramble puzzles of their own to share with family members or classmates?  Here are some good guidelines to pass on to them.

1. Choose an interesting topic first.

2. Make a list of 8-12 words that first this topic. Depending on the age of the puzzle writer, kids should choose words of 4 to 9 letters or so.

3. Carefully scramble each word. DOUBLE and TRIPLE-check your work. Write the scrambled words on a clean piece of paper and make sure all of the exact letters are in each word.

4. Finally, transfer the scrambled letters onto a final piece of paper. Add illustrations or drawings to make the page even more interesting. Share your word scramble puzzle with a friend or family member. Check their work when they've finished.

5. Topic ideas include: animals, school, the playground, hobbies, games, sports, foods and many more. 

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