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 A Crossword Light , 
Simple and Fun to Solve!

Don't have time for a difficult puzzle? Looking for a crossword light, and quick to solve. You're in the right place!

Love to Shop!

Happy woman shopper with purses

Do you remember the fun of browsing through a department store as a child? As an adult, perhaps the experience is even more wonderful, as more and more stores ope with a wider assortment of merchandise.

Here's a crossword that's light and fun to solve at your leisure, either alone or with a friend. Its all about shopping in department stores, both old and new. 

Printable Crossword & Answers

Crossword Lite: Love to Shop!


1.    Brides and mothers-to-be often set up a gift ___ in a department store

3.    JC______

4.    Child’s favorite department

5.    Famous NYC department store

9.    Counter where you can purchase lipstick

11.  Department that sells shirts and ties (2 wds)

14.  _____ Field & Company

15.  Department for pans & mixers



1.    Sears & ____

2.    You’d find these for ladies in what used to be called the millinery department

6.    Person who takes your money

7.    Place to try on clothes (2 wds)

8.    Alternative to stairs and elevators

10.  Its logo is a red dot inside a red circle.

12.  Department that sells bracelets

13.  Go to the ____ center for a family portrait.

Digging Deeper

What country is home to the world's largest department store?

Scroll down for the answer.

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The world's large restail store is Sinsagae Centumcity Department Store in Busah, South Koria. Before 2009, Macy's Department in New York City was the largest. See https://www.thebalance.com/largest-retail-stores-2892923

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