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 The Best Crosswords for Printable, Puzzling Fun!

You'll find some of the best crosswords on the internet here at Word-Game-World. Look around and you'll find dozens of entertaining puzzles for all ages on just about every topic imaginable! 

I like to write puzzles on topics that appeal to a wide range of ages, and I also like to make them especially entertaining! This crossword is no exception

Famous Duos

Allan Hale as the Skipper on Gilligan's IslandAllan Hale as the Skipper

How many famous duos do you know? You're about to find out! 

Simply supply the other half of each well-known team. Duos include musicians, TV characters, cartoon characters, historical figures and foods. Some will take you back in time, to be sure!

Hint: If you get stuck, as for help from someone of a different generation!

Printable Crossword & Answers

Crossword puzzle grid

Across Clues 

1.      Thunder &

4.      Abbot &

5.      Lennon &

8.      Thelma &

10.    Tweety &

13.    Mork &

14.    Simon &

15.    Lady & the

18.    Bonnie &

19.    Tom &

21.    Fish &

24.    Batman &

25.    Holmes &

26.    Lucy &

28.    Hall &

30.    Beauty & the

32.    Penn &

34.    Skipper &

36.    Serena &

38.    Macaroni &

39.    Laurel &

40.    Chip &

41.    Mickey &

Down Clues

2.      Mashed potatoes &

3.      Mulder &

6.      Antony &

7.      Bert &

9.      Laverne &

10.    Sanford &

11.    Butch Cassidy & the

12.    Rocky &

16.    Starsky &

17.    Popeye &

19.    Romeo &

20.    Milk &

22.    Yogi &

23.    Fred &

25.    Snoopy &

27.    Calvin &

29.    Peanut butter &

31.    Chips &

33.    Miss Piggy &

35.    Wallace &

37.    Sonny &

Digging Deeper

Unscramble these letters to spell another famous duo:


Scroll down for the answer.

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